Manicure & Pedicure

Nails (choose from mini/deluxe treatment)

For BIIU mini mani & pedi treatment, you will enjoy a professional session of shaping, buffing and nail fringe cuticle cut,you can choose between OPI nail polish, shellac or BIIU signature metallic colour, even nail technique can be applied for both nail extension or nail design.

BIIU deluxe mani & pedi treatment includes everything in mini session plus additional 10min arm/shank massage combined with BIIU essence candles. Fragrance can be choose from, naroli, Tahiti wreath, lavender and sandal. You can even enjoy feet exfoliation during deluxe pedicure if needed.


Nail polish

$30 (mini) $45 (deluxe)

Shellac/metal polish

$50 (mini) $65 (deluxe)


Nail polish plain

$35 (mini) $50 (deluxe)

Shellac/metal polish plain

$55 (mini) $70 (deluxe)

Mani&Pedi Combo

Nail polish

$58 (mini) $88 (deluxe)

Shellac/metal polish

$98 (mini) $128 (deluxe)

Decorations from $5 extra each | Carving design from $8 extra each | Nail Extension from $10 extra each or $70 for full set

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