The way you present yourself speaks volumes about your personality. The times we are living in have made it inevitable for us to keep abreast with popular style trends. It is not essential to spend a fortune on fashion. Rather some basic changes can quickly make you look poised, elegant yet stylish. For that, you can take help and guidance from several sources. Let’s have a look at three fundamental ways that can update your looks without fail:
Fashion Magazines/ Internet
Keep updated about the styles in trend. Reading about clothes, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, and many other complimentary things will give you the starting point for a complete makeover. Follow styling gurus, experts, fashionistas, and celebrities for gaining useful tips to upgrade yourself.
Although, the internet is a quick source of such information, make sure to follow some explicit and popular magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, Cosmopolitan, Vanity fair, etc. These help you a great deal about whats in and what’s not and how you should style yourself on a day-to-day basis.


The most noticeable change in your looks come with a hairstyle that compliments your face and accentuates your features. The cherry on top would be a hair color that makes your skin look fresh and enhances its natural glow. However, don’t blindly follow the latest trends. Instead, talk to your hair stylist and ensure that your hair adds up to a radiant look.
Super-smooth and straight hair are popular today. The medium length, blow-dried and conditioned hair will make you look more chic and urban. You may add some layers and fringes too.


Some clothing articles are always in style like T-shirts, Jeans, Blouses, cardigans, belts, jackets, etc. A better scheme is to keep your wardrobe a blend of casuals for everyday errands and formal outfits for dinners, work, and parties.
Invest in high quality accessories. To instantly update your look, accessorize yourself with high end branded stylish jewelry, sophisticated handbags, and makeup as well.
Women often neglect footwear but it enhances your looks considerably and should be on your radar. Choose wisely for the occasion as well as your comfort level. Look for pointed shoes to add instant class and style to any outfit.
Handbags/ Wallets
Clutches, purses, bags, all contribute to your overall look. Elle, Vogue, and each leading magazine present its latest top picks to help you choose the one that works for you.


A finishing touch to a fresh and complete look needs the right makeup and essential beauty products such as hair gels, lotions, etc. Choose such styling products from the best manufacturers only to protect your skin from harmful chemicals. Try the Sothys sophisticated and classic make up that will instantly add a Parisian chic style to your look.
And last but not the least, stay happy and positive to keep it real!

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