Escape and revive with the Sothys Sensorial Customised Spa Ritual.

Create your own personalized sensorial spa experience by choosing from three exquisite aromatic blends (Lemon & Petitgrain, Orange & Cedarwood or Vanilla & Sandalwood) together with your choice of preferred massage product (a cream, oil or wax).

Begin your spa ritual with an exfoliating Sugar & Salt scrub combined with your personalised aromatic essence to smooth and energise the skin… then enjoy a relaxing massage with your aromatic blend of choice.


1. Awakening Prelude: The treatment begins with a series of gentle compression massage moves under a towel to allow you to let go of stress and enter a state of total relaxation.

2. Exfoliation: with a Sugar & Salt scrub infused with an aromatic blend of your choice to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin polished and tingling with good health.

3. Personalised aromatic oils combined with your preferred massage medium (cream, oil or wax) is massaged over the entire body.

4. Relaxing Finale: As you recover your senses following the treatment we indulge you further with a gentle towel massage on the shoulders and back before enjoying a herbal beverage to complete the treatment.

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