The beauty and styling industry is driven by the intrinsic desire of the humans to look good. Every year, a new buzzword takes over the beauty connoisseurs and the entire industry is abuzz with exciting new technology to solve all your problems fast. These styling tips, professional treatments, beauty trends, and voguish therapies may not solve all your beauty issues but some of them are quite effective to alleviate the skin and beauty problems to a considerable extent.
Let’s have a look at the latest beauty treatments that are kicking up a storm in the beauty industry. 

Brushing for Blushing

For years, the women plagued by cellulite have tried to minimize it by employing the dry body brushing technique. The Asian women have also used the exfoliating effects of this method to enhance their skin tone.
For a fresh-faced glow, women have taken to dry brushing their skin. Various facial brushes are available in the market and their soft bristles will leave your skin smooth and radiant.

Sleeping Masks

Multitasking beauty products are the rage for the busy savvy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and fashion gurus. Some beauty masks to rejuvenate the skin, clear breakouts or brown spots can double as sleeping masks doing all the hard work while you get your zzz’s. Ask us about our popular sleeping masks eg: Sothys Hydra-smoothing mask or the Nutri-soothing mask.

Fuller Eyes with Lash Extensions

Bid farewell to your faux lashes as the lash extensions can give you a natural and instantly voluminous lash look. From mink, silk, and synthetic mink to animal fur there is a wide variety of flash extensions available and they all come with a different price tag as well.
While selecting your lash extensions, go for a shape that compliments that natural shape of your eye.

Microblading for Cara Delevingne Brows

Cara Delevingne’s statement eyebrows highlighted how important brow grooming is for creating a flawlessly gorgeous look. However, those who do not have significantly thick brows to re-create the Cara look must not fret over it; we have you covered!

A microblading pen is used to fill in your brows with delicate lines, just like natural hair, to give a more filled and arched look to your eyebrows. Microblading is the answer to the prayers of the people with ultra-light blonde brows or the ones with very thin brows. Ask us about microblading if it’s right for you!

Food for Skin

An increasing number of people are realizing that your skin health is reflective of your gut health. Thus, there has been a surge in the sale of the probiotic foods and superfoods for skin and gut health. These foods contain the probiotic bacteria that are beneficial for your stomach.
Which of these exotic new beauty treatments for 2017 are your favorites?

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