If you have been feeling rather exhausted and tired, your skin feeling dried out and rough, this weekend is the perfect time to set some time out for yourself with this simple and easy weekend body ritual that will leave your refreshed, revitalised and re-energized.

Dry Body Brushing
Begin your ritual with gentle body brushing using a soft body massage brush. This will gently exfoliate your skin, stimulate blood circulation to deliver essential nutrition to the cells in your skin and drain lymphatics removing toxins and fluid build up. Use light long strokes starting at your feet and legs, torso and finishing on the arms. Always direct the strokes towards the heart to assist the lymphatic system. 

Detox Bath
Relax and relieve muscle tension with a detox bath. Include some epsom salts, sea salts, soda bicarbonate and a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Lock the moisture in by massaging in a body cream to soften and smooth your skin. We recommend the Sothys Hydrating Nourishing Body lotion, an ultra-moisturising formula softens and protects the skin with long lasting 12 hour protection.…

Mind & Spirit
Find a quiet and peaceful place, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take in a deep breath as you slowly count to 7, hold for 7, then exhale slowly as you count to 7. Repeat this 3 times. Then sit quietly and focus your mind on your breathing and your heartbeat. Feel your lungs fill with nourishing fresh breath and exhale the waste. Everytime you breathe in, imagine breathing in love, peace and healing energy. Every time your breath out, imagine all the tension, worry, pain, illness, self doubt and exhaustion leave through your mouth and dissipate into the universe. Do this 3-5 times. Then sit quietly, for as long as you can manage. Imagine a pure white light surrounding you with love, compassion and healing.

Nutritional tips
Begin your weekend by drinking hot lemon water on rising. Fill 2 x 1 litre bottles with fresh filtered water and plan to have drunk the water by the end of the day. To give your liver a break, eat only fresh fruit before 12pm. The rest of the day enjoy fresh vegetables and salads, steamed fish and nuts. Try a detox smoothie in between meals and supply your body with powerful antioxidants by sipping white tea (more powerful than green tea and tastes better).

We hope you enjoyed these weekend ritual tips, and if you are too tired or short on time, why not visit our day spa and let us do all the work for you while you relax, unwind and enjoy. Visit our website for more information or call us on 02 8068 0274.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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