Summer is just around the corner and this is the time to really focus on your health and well being for a more beautiful body and skin. Sometimes when you do all the right things, such as avoiding processed foods, fat, sugar and salt in the diet, eating fresh and healthy foods, exercising regularly and taking time out for some nice relaxing treatments, you will see great results and feel great about yourself. However at other times you may be struggling to tone and firm, and remove that stubborn cellulite even when you are doing all the right things. Here is when a helping hand can really improve the results and fast track you to achieve the body you desire.
At BIIU Day spa we offer the latest technology, naturally slimming treatment for the hips, abdomen, thighs and other problem areas. These cutting edge non-invasive treatments help to firm the skin, reduce inches and minimize the appearance of cellulite‬ without any pain or downtime.
How does ‎Radiofrequency‬ work – RF?
The hand piece is slowly rotated over the target area transmitting radio waves through the upper layers of the skin to the dermis, heating the dermis to between 40 & 50 degrees Celsius without burning the skin surface.
Tissue Retraction: The generated heat causes local contraction of the ‪collagen‬ fibers, to immediately tighten the skin.
New collagen formation: By heating the dermis, new collagen production is stimulated. This tightening effect is delayed and may take from 3-6 months to be visible.
Improved circulation: RF will also improve the blood and ‪lymphatic‬ flow. This helps with a better oxygen supply and greater toxin clearance to further reduce the effects of ‪aging‬.
What is Ultrasound Cavitation?
Ultrasound Cavitation is a relatively new ‪aesthetic‬ treatment. Using leading edge technology it converts ‪‎fat‬ cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system. When the treatment of ultrasound cavitation is followed by a lymphatic drainage, the process is faster, as the drainage is very effective at eliminating liquids. Generally one fat ‎cavitation‬ treatment lasts 35 – 40 minutes where a single part of the body is treated. At least 72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat. The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is between 6 and 10.
How does Ultrasound Cavitation work?
A fully trained therapist will apply a specially designed hand piece to your skin. The hand piece will then transmit low level ultrasonic waves which consist of compression – expansion impulses that travel in a circular motion. This motion then causes an infinite quantity of micro-cavities or micro-bubbles that gradually enlarge. This progressive enlargement finishes as micro-bubbles start to collide and implode, producing shock waves that favor emulsification and elimination of fat tissues (this phenomena is called “cavitation”). The liquid is then easily vacuumed out from the body using the lymphatic and urinary system.
What is radiofrequency – RF?
Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a new and promising technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin. RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid-thirties to fifties, with any skin color. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line and the neck. RF can also be used in conjunction with ultrasound cavitation to aid in further fat breakdown and also to tighten the skin in the same area the cavitation treatment has taken place.
Is ultrasound cavitation painful?
No, cavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain. The heat from the hand pieces felt during the treatment is perfectly tolerable.
Is Ultrasound Cavitation a Safe Treatment?
Yes, this is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia – it is non-invasive (no cutting, leaves no scars or the need for any post-operative course) and no downtime should be experienced after the treatment.
Which are the areas where treatment is more effective?
All those areas with localized fat: thighs, abdomen, flanks, and buttocks are the most popular but there is no real limitation as to areas of the body.
Can you ‪lose‬ ‎weight‬ with ultrasonic cavitation?
Cavitation is not a method to lose weight but to reshape‬ the body. It is particularly indicated for the reduction of adiposity, the famous “love handles” that won’t go away with ‪diet‬ and ‎exercise‬.
Are the results of ultrasound cavitation similar to those of ‎liposuction‬?
Yes, it removes cellulite preventing this from recurring in the treated areas, without damaging the vascular system.
Fat is a solid substance how can it be eliminated through the urine?
Because ultrasound cavitation causes an emulsification of fat, converting it into a substance easy to eliminate through the urinary and the lymphatic system.
Must you follow guidelines before or after undergoing ultrasound cavitation?
We recommend a low calorie diet and drink at least 1.5 litres of water before and after the session. Drinking water is a necessary part in order to eliminate the fat. Regular exercise such as walking or other ‪aerobic‬ activities should also be maintained in order to help the system to naturally process the fat after the treatment.
How much time should elapse between one session of ultrasound cavitation before another?
The body eliminates the fat of a single session in approximately 3-5 days, so we recommend an interval of around one week between each session.
Number of treatments and treatment frequency for each application:
Ultrasound Cavitation:
6 – 10 treatments spaced 1 week apart
Skin Tightening:
6 – 10 treatments spaced 1 week apart
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