Have you ever wondered what is the one single product beauty therapists use that deliver dramatic results fast?
Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are basic skin care rituals everyone should do for a clear and healthy skin. But what if your skin needs more than just basic care?
Do you ever get frustrated with uneven skin tone, brown spots, redness, sensitivities, blackheads, open pores, breakouts or starting to show the signs of aging? Where a more intensive approach is needed, beauty experts reach out to a selection of intensive serums they have on disposal that they can select specifically adapted to your skin care concerns.
Serums are stronger, more concentrated than moisturizers and are full of active ingredients that can be easily added to your existing routine. Serums can be used morning and/or night and are generally used under the moisturizer.
To enhance the results of your skin treatments in the day spa, we have a selection of professional-only, extra strength serums. Selected and used for a powerful infusion of highly concentrated complexes to enhance the treatment and deliver even greater results.
So next time you book a facial treatment with us, be sure to ask us about our Serum Infusion Add On treatment.
For a specific skin care concern and to have a tailored program designed just for you, why not book in a professional skin consultation with our beauty experts.
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