With the cooler weather, we see many clients come in complaining of dry and flaky patches on their face, especially on the cheeks and around the mouth. If not cared for properly, these dry patches can worsen and turn itchy causing you to scratch, ending up in a raw and painfully dry skin.

Dry and flaky patches on the skin should be treated gently and carefully so as not to aggravate the skin. Gentle cleansing with a creamy and moisturising cleanser can sometimes be all the skin needs to bring it back to balance. Finish the cleansing routine with a softening and hydrating lotion and seal it all in with a good moisturiser. 

If the skin still feels a little tight and dry after cleansing, it may need specific care with a barrier re-building serum. Look for a serum rich in omegas 3,6,9 which is used by the skin cells to re-establish and reinforce the skin barrier. This will help the skin hold onto moisture more effectively, hydrating the skin. Omega-rich serums and moisturisers are the best way to get rid of dry flaky patches on the skin and will calm the skin if it has been a little irritated by the excessive dryness. We recommend the Sothys Lipid Elixir and The Nutritive Cream. The pair works together brilliantly to soften and smooth a dry, parched skin.

Avoid excessive and harsh exfoliation. This is where people make a mistake and make the condition worse. They feel the flaky skin needs to be rubbed off, however, flaky skin is an indication of an impaired skin barrier and can actually make things worse. If the skin does need gentle exfoliation, try the Sothys Gommage, a very effective skin peeling system that will only remove dead cells and will not affect the skin barrier. In fact, Gommage has calming and soothing ingredients and can help settle an irritated skin.

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