Have you been struggling to apply your makeup or having your makeup last? Here are some professional tips to have your makeup go on smoothly and last all day.


To make your makeup last longer and make your skin look immaculate, smooth and perfect, before applying makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturize. Your skin needs to be perfectly clean and moisturized for the foundation to glide on seamlessly.

If you haven’t exfoliated in a while, the foundation will end up looking thick and cakey. Give your skin a polish every week, and if you are applying special occasion makeup, it is a good idea to give your skin a polish beforehand. Try the Sothys Gommage Biological Skin Peeling. This will gently and effectively remove dead cell build up and leave your skin perfectly smooth, ready for makeup application.

Use a good makeup primer to help set the makeup and make it last longer. Try the Sothys Complexion Perfector, a silky smooth primer that will conceal open pores, minimize the appearance of lines and create the perfect base for your foundation.


If you have invested in good quality makeup, invest that little more in quality brushes. A quality brush can make a huge difference how the pigment is picked up and distributed on the skin. If you have ever wondered how the professionals can make the makeup application look so easy, it’s definitely attributed to the tools they are using. A good brush can make even a lesser quality makeup look great on the skin, but a poor quality brush will struggle to apply a high-quality makeup to the skin. You will end up with too much pigment deposits and struggle to bend the makeup perfectly. So invest in high-quality brushes. They can last for years, so it’s an investment worth making.


This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. They fail to set the makeup adequately. After you have applied makeup, to make it last use a setting powder or a setting spray. If you have more of a combination or oily skin, using loose or pressed setting powder will ensure a longer lasting makeup. Try the Sothys Fixating Compact Foundation, the perfect high-definition powder to set your makeup for longer wear.

It is nice every now and then to have someone else give you fresh ideas and get makeup tips from the professionals. If you would like to discover how to apply makeup more effectively and learn the best application techniques for your skin type and face shape, call us and book an informative and fun makeup lesson.

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