Drying winter weather and indoor heating can lead to skin losing too much moisture which results in tight, dry, flaking and itching skin.

It’s time to change your skin care routine to better care for your skin. For body cleansing, select a gentle body cleanser that will moisturise your skin. Avoid soaps that are just too strong to use in winter. Soaps are highly alkaline and strip the skin of its protective barrier leaving you feeling dried out and itching. Choose gentle body shower gels and creams which are pH balanced for the skin and include moisturising ingredients to soften and smooth. Try the Sothys Cherry Blossom and Lotus Shower Cream, a soft and creamy shower product with hydrating actives and floriental essences.

Seal the moisture in with a luxurious cream or body elixir (soft, non-greasy aromatic oil). Look for formulas that contain omegas to repair and reinforce the skin barrier, precious oils to lubricate and soften a dry skin, vitamin B5 to hydrate and strengthen the skin, and vitamin E to repair and provide antioxidant protection.

Choose one in a gorgeous fragrance that you will love to use. A relaxing, soothing one for the night and an invigorating or luxuriously decadent one for the day. We have a number of luxurious skin care for the body available at BIIU Day Spa, come in, try and find the one you love the most.

For an instant rebalance and repair, try a BIIU relaxing body treatment designed to slough off dry skin, infuse warm aromatic oils to repair the barrier and nourish dry skin. We have a number of treatments available that will leave you feeling like brand new.

Start with a warming and relaxing Milk Bath – The fats and proteins found in milk will hydrate the skin and remain moisture, also help to reduce some of the redness or dryness. It’s super relaxing and your skin will feel baby smooth after this.

If you suffer with dry flaking skin, book in for a Hanakasumi Spa Ritual treatment. A nourishing and relaxing body ritual inspired from Japanese tradition to protect and embellish the skin with asian fragrances and protective emollients.

Warmed cherry blossom rice powder exfoliant and aromatic shea butter with deep foot massage relaxes you, leaving the outside world behind and sending you on a sensual voyage through orchards of cherry trees in bloom… cocooned in bliss!

Emerge from your luxurious ultra-pampering treatment experience refreshed and nourished in body, with bliss in mind and spirit. A revitalised whole, balanced in harmony.

For dry skin and aching muscles, we recommend the Aromatic Hot Stone Therapy body treatment. The SOTHYS Aromatic Stone Therapy is designed to re-harmonise the whole person. The techniques used combine various philosophies and treatment methods to leave you relaxed, revived and with a complete sense of wellbeing.

Balinese stones are used to massage and infuse exotic spices. These special stones were chosen for their ability to retain heat assisting the infusion of the oils and aromatic spices.

The Oriental spices, ginger, nutmeg, bitter orange, warm and stimulate the body and calm the mind. A magic combination encouraging healing and wellness, with an essence of peace.

To discover more relaxing and rejuvenating body spa treatments, visit our website or call us on 02 8068 0274 to make an appointment.

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