Limited Edition!
New Sothys Spring-Summer Seasonal Treatment : Raspberry & Lychee

Boost skin radiance and restore the softness of your skin with this season’s delicious treatment featuring raspberry and lychee fruit.
The skin’s natural biorhythms alter between the warmer summer and milder winter temperatures, a scientific study known as Chronobiology. Every year SOTHYS releases two Professional Seasonal Treatments… Spring&Summer and Autumn&Winter, with innovative formulas attuned to the seasonal needs of the skin. A cocktail of minerals (Mg, Cu, Zn, Ca) is added to the formula to protect and strengthen the skin with the addition of vitamins in summer to help repair processes and to increase cellular vitality.
The treatment is based on a Complex of multi-functional anti-toxins for exceptional cell regeneration. When the skin is asphyxiated by toxins it suffocates the cells and this complex increases skin radiance, oxygenation and cell renewal resulting in a revitalized and energized skin.
Unique formulas featuring a natural complex of seasonal fruit for each season… a theme from nature, inspired through SOTHYS ECOcosmetic Project with the creation of an ecologically sustainable organic farm for botanically active ingredients in the pristine high country in the center of France.
1 Firstly your SOTHYS therapist will thoroughly cleanse your skin (Cleansing Milk Lotion) according to your skin’s type.
2 Then a double-action enzyme scrub with seasonal fruit extracts refines and perfects your complexion.
3 Next a relaxing massage with a deliciously aromatic Modelling Cream, its fresh and soft texture enriched with shea butter is pure delight!
4 A Peel-Off collagen mask will then calm, firm and energize your complexion.
5 Finally a vitamin Serum, enriched with the Detoxifying complex adds radiance and oxygenates your skin.
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