A magical deep pore cleanser with salicylic acid and rice micro-grains to unclog oil congested skin and brighten premature ageing skin types.

The latest evolution of Sothys Desquacrem Forte now has twice the salicylic acid at 2% with added rice micro-grains for exfoliation and Lipo amino acid salts with Gypsophila extract for deep pore cleansing.

Desquacrem Forte Microdermabrasion is suitable for skins with oil congestion, dull asphyxiated skins, and although not recommended for sensitive skins can be used on non-sensitised couperose skins and mature sun damaged skin.
How to use…
Massage a small nut of product (1/2 ml) into the skin and add a little water emulsify the product and activate the deep cleansing enzymes.

Allow the product to penetrate the skin for up to 3 minutes then remove thoroughly using lukewarm water.
Dry the skin and apply SOTHYS lotion then treatment cream to suit the skin type.

Frequency of use: 2 x week.
*Do not use on sensitive/reactive skin – use Morning cleanser or Sothys classical version of Desquacrem

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