Open pores can make the skin look spongy, uneven and rough. The make up just will not sit right and seems to collect in the pores. Smooth skin is possible and there are a number of ways we can treat it in the salon and at home.

There are different types of open pores. In most cases open pores are caused by excessive oil flow to the skin, and sometimes these pores can clog up and turn to blackheads and pimples. In Australia we have the extremes of heat and sun and this too can stimulate oil flow and cause the skin to thicken up making the pores appear larger. In mature skin we see this quite often where the skin has thickened over the years and together with the diminishing collagen production, which causes the skin to drop, the pores are stretched and made to appear larger.

There are a number of salon treatments possible to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of open pores.

Peels are a very effective way to reduce the thickness of the skin, smooth, unclog and refine. We use a clinical strength Glycolic + Salicylic peel to deeply exfoliate and refine the open pores. A course of 6-10 will give the best results.

If the skin is clogged and congested, before we attempt refining your skin may need a deep cleanse that includes desincrustation with the Sothys Desquacrem Forte. This deep cleanses and unclogs congestion, dissolves blackheads and helps treat pimples if needed.

Once we have refined the skin to your satisfaction, we encourage preventative and maintenance program with the Collagen Hyaluronic Treatment which includes a peel/dermabrasion treatment, powerful peptides, collagen and hyaluronic for a firmer, smoother skin.

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To support the in-salon treatments and get the best results, home care is a must. It’s like dieting: 80% of the results you get is with diet and 20% is from exercise. This is similar with gaining results with your skin: 80% is from how you treat your skin every day (home care) and 20% of the results you will get from in salon treatments. One supports the other.

If you have oily skin that is causing your pores to look larger, the best way to manage excess oil flow is through gentle, non-stripping cleansing. We have the best quality cleansers for you that are very efficient at managing oil without stripping.

Sothys Desquacrem Forte has been unclogging and clearing Australian skin for many years, it’s our best seller! You can use this in the shower, 2-3 times per week to unclog, decongest and smooth the skin.

Peptide creams and serums are a great way to help firm the skin, helping to tighten and so reduce the size of the pores. There are a great compliment to our Collagen Hyaluronic facial treatment. Vitamin C is another terrific ingredient for firming the skin so ask us about the clinical Sothys Ultra-C dermobooster.

While you are treating your skin, there is a terrific way you can smooth and blur the open pores. This product not only provides an instant result but also has powerful peptides to firm the skin. Ask us about the Pore Refining System.

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