Respond to the needs of your skin at the right time and help it keep pace with your body clock . . .

Your skin doesn’t have the same needs during the day and as it does at night. Throughout the day, it’s changing at different biological rhythms. Whilst during the day our skin needs protection from external factors to best perform its “barrier” function, at night, when it does most of its regenerating, it needs maximum help with this process.

Have you ever tried the Noctuelle Cream from Sothys?

This anti-ageing treatment night cream complements the day creams.
Suitable for all skin types (except sensitive), it restores your skin’s radiance and corrects fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin is velvety-satin upon application and in the morning your face is rested and your skin is more radiant.

Recommended use:
– Apply every evening to face and neck area, avoiding upper eyelid.

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