A closer look at Retinol
Winter is a great time to include the Retinol Dermobooster in your home care routine. Discover more information on this fantastic, multifunctional skin care booster.

Why Retinol (Vitamin A)?
Retinol (Vitamin A) is the most effective substance for the care of ageing, and UV-damaged skin. Retinol has been shown to improve the visible signs of photo-ageing as well as normal chronological ageing when used on a daily basis.

Active Serum – Retinol Dermobooster

A pure Retinol-based skin rejuvenation serum to target premature ageing, sun-damaged skin and oil congested, acne-prone skin. The formulation contains sunflower and jojoba oils to nourish the skin and protect the barrier function. It is usual to need to exfoliate more frequently with Retinol usage as the increased cellular turnover often results in more localised dead skin cell build-up.

How to use…*
– Infuse 1 ml (1 pump) under SOTHYS recommended night cream to target sun-damaged, oil congested and acne-prone skin. 1 ml of the booster may also be mixed into the recommended night cream prior to application for a skin new to Retinol to buffer the intensity.

Do not use on sensitive/reactive skin.
*Secondary retinoid effects (slight reddening) can occur when the skin has reached maximum absorption of the Retinol, then a reduced application is recommended. If your skin shows signs of dryness, redness or itching, consult your Sothys Professional.

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