Providing an increase of 46% hydration after just 3 hrs and a continuous moisture protection for 8 hours, the Hydra3HA Creams come in a choice of two textures to immediately moisturise the skin and protect it day after day…A creamy, melting texture for normal to dry skin and a fresh, creamy gel texture for normal to combination skin.
The intensive Hydra3HA serum carries a blend of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and restructuring actives into the skin via a deep action liposome delivery system, offering long lasting moisture replenishment and regeneration. The long-term action of the Intensive hydrating serum combined with the immediate action of the Hydrating creams offers the skin a high-performance moisturising solution.
Lastly, a creamy Hydra-Smoothing Mask is available to instantly envelop the skin with softness… elasticity is fully restored and the skin appears smoother and visibly more youthful!

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