Many people desire a slimmer and firmer body silhouette. Eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly will guarantee good results, however, some people still struggle with stubborn pockets of fatty deposits that are difficult to budge. Here is where we can help with a variety of treatments that will help support a healthy lifestyle and help budge the stubborn fat.

One of the treatments we offer to help you achieve a slimmer and smoother skin is Ultrasound Fat Cavitation – the gold standard for the treatment of cellulite and fat. The application of Ultrasound over treatment areas will target the fat in the deeper skin tissues. With the action of micro vibration and heat generation, Ultrasound will heat up the fat cells converting the hard fat deposits into liquid. The body’s own elimination and filtration system will then drain the liquid fat away to be processed and eliminated. 

Fat Cavitation Side Effects

Some of the side effects of this treatment include localized redness of the treatment area, this is due to the increased heat and metabolic activity. Some people report an increased thirst and/or a headache because the body lymphatic system is stimulated requiring more water. Drinking lots of water before and after the treatment will help to minimize the side effects and help the body eliminate the waste. Lymphatic drainage massage will also assist the body in the elimination process.

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation delivers best results over 6-10 treatments performed once a week, so a course of the treatments can last up to 10 weeks. This gives you a little extra time to slot in a few FR skin tightening treatment to further tighten and firm the skin before summer comes.

Now is the time to start working on a fit, slim and toned body in time for the warmer weather to come in spring. Together with healthy eating and regular exercise, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation will help you achieve results you will be very pleased with.

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