There is a well known fact among skincare professionals, and that is:
Good or bad, 80% of the results you see on your skin come from your daily skincare routine.
The environment your skin is exposed to directly impacts on how the skin will respond. If you are harsh with it, for example expose your skin to extremes in temperature and excess free radical damage from pollution, cigarette smoke, UV light, processed foods etc, your skin will show the wear and tear much sooner. If you neglect your skin, not cleansing it properly and not protecting your skin from the damaging effect of the environment, you can be sure to see premature aging, acne and pigmentation that would otherwise not be there.
Latest research shows that HOW you treat your skin triggers genetic programs within the skin cells that affect the look and feel of the skin. For example, if you have a genetic predisposition to inflammation or glycation, exposing your skin to free radical damage, too much sugar in your diet, harsh products or neglect will switch on these genes and you will see skin conditions such as rosacea, couperose, skin sensitivities, and the early breakdown of collagen and elastin causing wrinkling and sagging.
This explains why it just does not makes sense to invest yourself into advanced professional skin treatments that will help to reverse some of the damage, but use poor quality products or neglect your skin at home. If you want to see more dramatic results faster, you will really benefit from a professionally prescribed skin care routine at home. Professional products are exactly that, designed and developed to be used by professionals only. If you see the products in department stores and supermarkets where you can purchase off the shelf, these are NOT professional strength.
Skin care experts agree, as a bare minimum, a good skin care routine will include cleansing morning and night, protecting your skin with an active treatment cream, exfoliating regularly and protecting your skin from the sun with a good quality barrier sunscreen. The more you add to your daily skincare routine, the faster and more dramatic results you will see. Serums, boosters, active overnight treatments such as resurfacing creams and sleeping masks will enhance the results.
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