A great way to have a memorable time with your friends and family is to wind down to a relaxed high tea.

Early in the evening or later in the afternoon, BIIU provides the finest range of tea with some fabulous refreshments. At a high tea, it usually involves pots of hot tea, petite cake slices, breads, scones, sandwiches, cheese crackers and assortment of sweets. The tradition is quite popular in Australia and has become a common event organised for several occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, functions and parties.

High tea is quite often seen as a symbolic representation of refinement, exclusive style and etiquette. Enjoying your high tea along with sweets and savories at BIIU, it will be a charming experience! These refreshments are decoratively arranged on fine china to reflect the meaning of ‘high’ tea. Elegance is the virtue in this case.

Once the high tea is brought out on the table, you can happily commence with your social event or ritual with the goodness of rich tea and sweets. This should be a “must do” in everyone’s life. Are you temped? Give BIIU a call, we are happy to answer your inquires!

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